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Parts Data:
Welcome to ERRIC - Electronics Radiation Response Information Center
RADATA-Interactive ** JPL Radiation Effects Database - Databases & Searches
Radiation Effects Database - Has Databases as well as Useful Services and Gateways
Search for radiatrion effects data - Total Ionizing Dose & Single Event Effects test data
Radiation Effects Compendia: - JPL's Total Dose & Single Event Effects Databases
National Semiconductor's Radiation HomePage - Radiation Reports for Specific Devices
GIDEP Home Page - Engineering Data - Spec sheets and rad data source

Parts Houses:
Actel - Radiation-hardened Parts manufacturer
Boeing Solid State Electronics - ASIC design services
Chomerics HOMEPAGE - EMI Sheilding & Thermal Management
DDC - Data Devices Corp - Components, 1553, Interface boards
Harris Semiconductor is now INTERSIL - Class T rad-hard sattelite, 100krad wafer testing
IRF - International Rectifier Company
Lambda - Lambda Advanced Analog, DC/DC Converters, EMI filters, ARH product line, Mil
Space Electronics Inc - Radiation-hardened, enhanced and tolerant Space products
Synova - Synova Inc., Turnkey ASIC solutions and Space Processor Products
Tecknit Home Page - EMI/RFI Shielding Products
Temic - Temic Semiconductors, an ATMEL company RF and satellite communications
UTMC Microelectronic Systems - Radiation-hardened integrated circuits manufacterer
Welcome to Actel Corporation - Programmable Devices

Advanced Technologies:
Allied Signal - Electronic Materials, Performance Polymers and more
Amptek - Amptek Inc, X-ray detectors, Gamma ray detectors, Pulse Amplifiers
Babcock Inc. - Advanced Power Supplies Relays and Displays. Space Applications
Honeywell - Honeywell advanced technologies, various products and services
Maxwell Technologies - Pulsed Power simulation, Electronic Technologies
Silvaco - Technogy based Software for IC design and manufacturing, Virtual wafer fab
Thomson and Nielsen Electronics LTD - Radiation detectors, dose monitors for nuclear plants

Government Agencies:
Army Pulse Radiation Facility - Neutron and Pulse Gamma Sources
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Space the Final Frontier -- many cool toys
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center - Huntsville, Alabama
Radiation Effects & Analysis Home Page - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center -- SEE Testing & Data
Sandia - Sandia National Laboratories
Search ESTEC Web Server - Search Engine at the European Space Agency
The Defense Supply Center, Columbia - Defense Department Procurement & Supply Center
SEE Test Site - Brookhaven Laboratories

American National Standards Institute - Latest national & international standards
NIST WWW Home Page - National Institute of Standards & Technology
Welcome to Best Manufacturing Practices! - Product & Service Providers Site Survey Reports
Welcome to ASTM - Health, Safety & Reliability Standards
MIL-STD-883 - Test Methods & Procedures for Microelectronics
DSCC-VA SMD Search Engine - SMD (Standard Microcircuit Drawings) Search Engine

Principles and Techniques of Radiation Hardening - Norm Rudie, PhD, 3rd Edition, 1986.
For information contact The Elder Tree Book Shop
378 E. Main St.
Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 641-2665

Electronic Industry Telephone Directory - Over 30,000 manufacturers and distributors of electronic products
Military Photographs - of various aircraft and systems
Military terms and acrynoms - This is an on-going list
Web Elements Periodic Table - Physical Constants, Internet Periodic Table
WWW Periodic Tables Weights and Measures - More Physical Constants
Space Environment Information System - A General Support Technologies Program with the European Space Agency


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