SAVEinc Capabilities:

Radiation Hardening and Analysis

SEE (Single Event Effects)
Natural Radiation Environments & X-Ray Shielding
Transient Radiation Effects on Electronics)
System Generated Electromagnetic Pulse)
Electron Caused Electromagnetic Pulse)
Electromagnetic Pulse)
Electromagnetic Interference/ Electromagnetic Coupling)
NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical)

Radiation Testing - Parts TREE Testing

Total Dose (Total ionizing dose received from various radiation environments)
Dose Rate (
Ionizing Dose per unit time)
Neutron Fluence (
Number of neutrons that enter an imaginary sphere of unit cross-sectional area)

Radiation Testing of Subsystems

Total Dose
Dose Rate

Teaming - we work with your engineering & management staff by training and sharing our knowledge & experience in a simple and practical way.

Engineering Management Services

Life Cycle Survivability with expertise in defining processes for reduced Life Cycle Costs.

Customized services to meet your technical, schedule, and budget needs.


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